Rabu, 12 April 2017

Lirik Lagu Weird Genius ft. Letty - Big Bang

All was dark it showed up first light
First chapter begins with the light of sight
All the spark comin’ down with no plans
The history bout to begin

Baby you and i are revolving
Around the darkness we’re evolving
Between the time and space we’re looking
Something that has never been explored

You and i
We’re flying to the darkness
Even we don’t know we’re
Fighting for each other

I’m here baby
Please keep moving forward
Spread your wings and hit my heart
Wait? That’s a Big Bang

Baby girl you’re the satelite of my world
The universe that can never be describe my worlds
You are proton (what?)
I’m a neutron (Who?)
And Almighty holdin’ that electron

People say “I love you the moon and back” (I love you)
But i’m just a man who always got your back (Hello!)
Baby don’t leave (Don’t!), baby stay stick (Please!)
I’m a bit weird (What?), baby please don’t disappear (yeah!)

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